COVER FIRE V1.14.3 Mod Apk(working)

Cover Fire V1.14.3 Mod Apk – Guns are always a high priority in modern day games right now. This game gives
special feelings for those who love action based mobile games. It’s not just fun but also its their platform to showcase their skills. Today in the game market, many shooters can be referred to as PUBG, the principle of survival, … all the players need to use to play during gun skills and Cover Fire has a special place. If you’re really passionate about ththe action based games, come to Fire Fire: Gun Shooting Game and enjoy the triller packed action shooting game today.

FPS Shooting Aspect of the game:

When you first open the game, players will quickly notice that the graphics are better and carefully designed. This is one of the elements of this title scores in players’ eyes. About phone configuration, because it accepts 3D wild fields, the capacity is heavy enough and requires a lot of configuration to play the game. In addition, the game is a mobile offline so that you can play it at any time and at any where. If you reach the headphone, listening to the gun or around the sound will be enjoyable. this is such an exciting gameto play.And the fact is that the game is more than 10 million installation and is rated on the pretty high in the store.

Characters Of Cover Fire:

More than 20 heroes in this game.Second, You can choose any heroes to play the game. you must take the mission to move the screen, to definitely knock the opponent.But there is another point in this game that you do not just play a role that you can try different positions like hackers, sparrows … you have to play before you experience your shooting skills and the first shooter… The performance of tasks as little as possible may be less focused.

Sounds And Graphics:

Very good! What can be said about the graphics and the sound of this game? It is not a coincidence that this game can reach over 1 million ratings with five stars on Google Play. These are trying to prepare players to get the best experience. The game’s 3D graphics will not be disappointed. Clothes, guns, and other weapons are carefully prepared. Give players a real-life environment The cover fire will have to draw you somewhat. Let’s re-activate a gaming experience along with this skill. Everything is waiting for you. Please install and become “monsters” in this game.

Varieties of Weapons:

Choosing high harmful weapons, high stability is also the cause of our success. All shooters are based on real guns, so in this game, you can find AWM for example. This makes us feel closer to this game in particular and in other shooters. In addition, there are many characters to choose from. Everything is directed to meet the wishes of players from the producer. On control, because the control over the phone is more difficult than the main computer, so gamer always focuses on improving the game controls so that the players can fully present their most prominent features. In the game, you will be the ruler of a riot so that you go through powerful warriors to the most advanced weapons. You face each level. This is a challenge for the players!



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