Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats -1.14.1 Mod Menu Apk

Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats -1.14.1 Mod Menu Apk

Hey visitors.Today we got a brand new Last Day on Earth Cheats with Mod Menu included.Download the game and enjoy playing Last Day on Earth.

Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats

About Mod Menu:

Mod menu in last day on earth:survival gives you extra features apart from normal mod.This also includes God Mod.In this mod your character can kill all types of zombies with a single hit even with the fist.You will also not take any kinds of damage as well.

Last Day on Earth Survival Cheats
Last Day on Earth Survival

Last day on earth survival:

The new survival game Last Day on Earth:Survival is a popular survival based game released in 
2017 by Kefir Games.In this Game you have to fight for your life by fighting zombies ,gathering resources,finding firearms like akm,m16 etc. Last Day On Earth;Survival is based in a post apocalyptic world after almost half of the population is extinct.In the year 2027 the whole world world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection and disease that destroyed almost all the human race and natural diversity.

Last Day on Earth Tips:

In last day on earth game players will be all alone in a post apocalyptic world.To survive in this situation some Last Day on Earth Tips will be that be patient and gather resources.By clearing the last day on earth bunker like Bunker Alpha you will find a lot of weapons.

New things added in the last update of 1.12.2-

And it didn’t stop there after all this disaster. All those dead peoples and animals gets started turning into zombies and those few survivors who has antibodies to fight the infections in their blood are trying to survive on the ruins of the once great world called the Earth. And now the survival of your 
character is only in your power and in your hand! Keep an eye on your character’s life stats such as hunger and thirst and other necessities about you.Collect valuable resources for crafting, 
create weapons and transport like chopper,atv ,zombie truck and use what you have in your hand’s reach: a bat or a road sign.

— Now entrances into basements can be found at resource locations. You can strike it rich down there.
— Explore each basement carefully, there are a few of them, and their loot content differs one from another.
— Prepare to meet new enemies.
— For those who wish to spend a fierce evening in trying to beat the Miner, we’ve decreased the number of items required for repairing the Sector 7 terminal.

About the mod:

-Unlimited gold coins,It will increase every time you spend it.

-Free craft is available.No level is required.

-All weapons,armorsuits have max durability.

-The magic split,Split a single item in millions.

-All the blueprints are unlocked to craft.

How to use this mod?

  1. Firstly download the apk and obb from the given links.
  2. Install the apk and extract the obb file.
  3. Copy the obb and paste it in Android/Obb folder
  4. You are now done.Open the game and enjoy.